Harris Online Rewards


The Harris Poll Online Rewards site allows consumers who complete the Harris Interactive surveys to track their reward points and redeem them for merchandise.

The Challenge:

Harris Interactive managed an external site which directed consumers to the Harris Poll Online Rewards site, meaning the experience had to be seamless to the user. Multiply the seamless experience by nine because the entire site had to be localized for nine different languages/regions — English, Spanish, French, Italian and German just to name a few.

The phrase “Add to cart” in English translates to “In den Warenkorb legen” in German.

— The More You Know ๐Ÿ’ซ
Country/Language selector comparison of modern browser support vs old browser support.

In addition to supporting a variety of languages, it was also necessary to support browsers and devices depending on the market share within the different regions. This meant supporting browsers such as IE6 due to usage within the United Kingdom but also not being able to make use of flash because of iPad usage within the United States of America.

The Dilemma:

Due to Harris Interactive awarding points to users, while it may appear to have no cash value, it actually does—at the time of redemption. Unspent points becomes a liability issue and has to be accounted for on the balance sheet, so the longer user keep their points, the longer Harris must track and hold funds until they are redeemed.

Solution & Results:

A jQuery “Spin” game was designed and developed to replace an existing flash game due to lack of flash support on tablet devices— HTML5 canvas solutions were also off the table as a possible solution due to browser support. The “Spin” game was offered to Harris Interactive with the goal of encouraging consumers to redeem their accumulative points.

Within the first month of launching over 49% of available spins for the promotion were redeemed. Due to the positive response from the first promotion, Harris has continued offering new spin promotions increasing the amount of available spins to 20,000 per promotion.

Tools & Skills Utilized: Visual Studio 2012, CSS3, ASP.NET, jQuery, Fireworks CS5

My involvement:
  • High-fidelity Mockups
  • Frontend Development
  • Content Localization

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Harris Interactive was acquired in 2014. All work created and distributed while working at Touchstone Group Associates, LLC. The More You Know trademarked by NBC UNIVERSAL MEDIA, LLC.

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