EyeMed Exchange

Existing Challenges:

During the first year that The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was implemented, EyeMed had not fully embraced it’s digital presence participating within the Exchanges established by the ACA due to concerns of over complexity.

The next year, due to insurers being especially profitable, EyeMed found itself playing a game of catch up within the digital space.

The Proposal:

Create a new, responsive design website to target consumers who are considering EyeMed via private exchange enrollment, along with a companion site aimed at brokers. The website would include information needed for potential members to make informed decisions about their need for vision care and about EyeMed. Each exchange would have a unique URL and would have customized content on the homepage, cost savings sections and FAQ pages.

The outcome of a collaborative effort:

In addition to personalized content per exchange, a digital marketing strategy which employed search engine optimizations and paid search campaigns were applied to increase conversions among the targeted audience.

Crazyegg comparison view of a section of the homepage (60 days within campaign)

The utilization of crazy egg analytics allowed for evaluating areas for improvement and provide a better understanding of which call-to-actions were more popular and engaging among visitors.

As part of the digital integration department, I worked closely with different disciplines as needed while implementing digital projects. Team members included the UX, SEO, Analytics and Creative departments in creating over fifteen different exchanges over the course of the campaign— well over the two exchanges originally projected.

Tools & Skills Utilized: Visual Studio 2013, NancyFx, Zurb Foundation

My involvement:
  • Frontend Development
    • Mobile-First
    • Responsive Design
    • SEO Implementations

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. The EyeMed exchange sites changed agencies in 2015. The EyeMed Consumer exchange campaign is no longer active. The EyeMed Broker exchange site is no longer active as of May 2019. All work created and distributed while working at gyro.

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