Citizens Bank

The Situation:

Too much data or not enough useful data?
Citizens Bank understood the importance of not only needing to collect data but also being able to analyze and make informed decisions.


To assist them in with their requirements two different proposals were offered — First, providing Citizens Bank a dashboard that allowed them to pull data reports on demand. This included developing an “AdHoc” report that allowed the user to create customized queries to generate lists of customers or prospects based off of demographic criteria which could be saved and modified for a completely new separate query.

It is not uncommon that most companies will have an incomplete profile of their existing customers—such as only knowing their e-mail address or having a physical address but incomplete full name—so next was to deliver an approach to build stronger relationships with existing customers and prospects while still being able to collect additional data in the process.

Creating personalized URLs (PURL) and landing pages with surveys helped Citizens Bank learn what services prospects were interested in, to being informed if a customer was satisfied with the level of service they received. These could be sent out either by direct mail or an e-mail marketing campaign depending on the amount of data that had been collected on the individual beforehand.

The Reaction:

During a presentation of the completed projects to a room of stakeholders, I noticed one of the individuals beginning to bounce in their chair. When asked if everything was alright, the response given was “I’m so excited! We’ve never had anything like this before!”

My involvement:

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. The data analysis and reporting tool (DART) Dashboard was an internal company application with no public access. Citizens Bank was acquired in 2014. The public personalized URL landing page campaign is no longer active. All work created and distributed while working at Focus/FGW.

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