Audi Winner’s Circle


The Audi Winner’s Circle Portal organizes all Audi After-Sales recognition and reward programs in one convenient location and serves to distinguish Audi programs from their Volkswagen counterparts.

Existing Challenges:

The Volkswagen counterpart of the Audi Winner’s Circle Portal treated each program as a separate micro-site—resulting in a large variation of navigation, layout and even interactions.

To make sure Audi Winner’s Circle didn’t follow in the same footsteps I was responsible for enforcing style guidelines to insure proper branding during multiple project management transitions & worked closely with account executives to outline a level rating scale for offer customizability and features within the portal.

The unexpected change:

While involved in developing the front-end for the portal and multiple programs that lived within the Winner’s Circle portal—some separate stand-alone sites which existed prior were in process of integration into the portal—during this process, it was discovered that Audi was in the process of rebranding.

Since it was unclear when the rebrand would launch, being proactive I initiated discussions along with creating mock-ups for the future rebrand of the portal and how certain programs would change in the process.

My involvement:
  • High-fidelity Mockups
  • Frontend Development

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All work created and distributed while working at Touchstone Group Associates, LLC.

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