Adrian D. Alvarez

Creative Tech­nol­o­gist

Creative Technologist • noun
A person who has an understanding of the creative process and is responsible for creating digital experiences applying creativity through code.

Portrait of Adrian D. Alvarez wearing the green ranger helmet


OMG, I’ve traveled into an alternate time line where AOL Instant Messenger still exists!

Corporate jargon: I have enterprise and grassroots experience in Front End Development specializing predominantly with dynamic content driven sites, focusing on both the UX & UI of projects that range from B2B web sites to SaaS platforms.

From sketching wireframes, creating rapid interactive prototypes to implementation, I’ve helped agencies, start-ups and corporations of all shapes and sizes improve existing and new digital interfaces & experiences.

Keepin’ It Stupid Simple: I design web sites & applications focusing on the people using it and not focusing on unwanted features. My approach is that what I design shouldn’t complicate things and should keep things simple so the people using it, enjoy doing so.

I am currently not looking for a new position, but if you want to know more - Download my PDF Rรฉsumรฉ (60.3KB, PDF)

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